Festival Matsuri Barcelona


The essence of Japanese culture will be gathered at Moll de la Fusta on the weekend of May 26 and 27 to demonstrate the richness of its customs, its cuisine and its people. We are talking about the 5th edition of the Matsuri Barcelona Festival, and we are eager to live a part of the spirit of Japan in our city!

Japan on the beach

With the arrival of good weather begins the agenda of outdoor activities. One of them is the Matsuri Festival of Barcelona, a festival that brings to the city all the grace, charm and mysteries of Japanese culture, and, of course, also its delicious cuisine.

The Matsuri agenda includes shows of Japanese folk music, a sample of the impressive strength of the Japanese drums, the peace transmitted by the koto and the delicacy of the shamisen.

These musical samples are also accompanied by traditional Japanese dance, being one of the most famous of the festival the Bon Odori dance in which all the public can participate accompanied by the funniest music and the elegance of the Japanese dancers.

Contribution to the community

The entire Japanese community participates in this festival, which is already a mandatory appointment for many people from Barcelona, and it is because the joy and good atmosphere the Matsuri gives off during its two days and attracts anyone who wants to enjoy a different day.

Several restaurants of Japanese food join the celebration in the Japanese Street Food section of the Matsuri, where you can find all kinds of traditional dishes, from the yakisoba to the delicious homemade dorayakis that children like so much.

Japanese drum workshops, origami, Japanese painting, art samples, kimono sale, Japanese ceramics, different traditional items such as fans, lamps and even traditional games for children are just a small summary of how much you can enjoy this festival in which even the Consulate of Japan participates, as also does Japan Airlines and the Business Circle of Japan in Spain.

If you are a true lover of Japanese culture and two days of this festival it’s just not enough for you, then from our hotel in Paseo de Gracia we invite you to visit the El Japonés y el Rojo of Grupo Tragaluz, two establishments steeped in tradition and the best flavors from the land of the rising sun.