Film Symphony Orchestra

Barcelona, Music

Transmitting emotions

We all remember those special and crucial moments in a movie. When watched Darth Vader walk through the halls of the Death Star, to the imposing sound of The Imperial March; Harry Potter gazing for the first time at the gigantic Hogwarts castle accompanied by the melody of Hedwig, or the terror transmitted by the violins in the scene of the shower in Psychosis. All these moments could have been less special if they were not to be accompanied by the correct melody, after all the music is emotion and beyond the movies, we all have songs that we consider the soundtrack of our lives.

The Film Symphony Orchestra compiles the best soundtracks of all time in a 3-hour concert directed by maestro Constatino Martínez-Orts at the Auditorio de Barcelona next November 27. This year’s tour has a total of 25 concerts throughout Spain, including Madrid, Oviedo, Alicante, Granada, Malaga, Donostia and of course Barcelona, among others.

If you are passionate about cinema and its music, there is no doubt that this is the perfect plan for you. From our 5 star hotel in Barcelona we invite you to take advantage of your days in Barcelona and do not miss the opportunity to live this wonderful musical experience full of emotions offered by the Film Symphony Orchestra and its talented musicians.