“Five Tango Sensations and few more emotions” at Jamboree Club


The 5 stars hotel in Barcelona encourages you to attend this representation of one of the classics of argentine tango, that made a change in the history of this musical style, by introducing some influences of jazz, classical music and Italian opera. Discover all the mysteries and secrets of Piazzolla, through an adaptation of his play, which will take place in Jamboree Jazz Club.

“Five Tango Sensations” by Astor Piazzolla

As we previously mentioned, Piazzolla introduced the most modern version of tango to the world, by leaving behind some aspects of antique tango. “Five Tango Sensations” was a proposal of the composer to Kronos Quartet. Piazzolla observed an actuation of the group and decided to propose them this piece, that since then, it would revolution tango in New York and in the rest of the world.

He was accused of being the assassin of tango, for its transformation and adaptation of the musical style to the new challenges that contemporary music proposed. In 1985, he was called the illustrious citizen of Buenos Aires for versioning and giving a new way to this particular Argentinian music. Moreover, he later obtained other rewards that acknowledge his creativity and musical ear, as Platino Konex Award as the best vanguards of tango in Argentina’s history.

“Five Tango Sensations” in Jamboree by Marcelo Mercadante

Near to the Gran Teatro Liceu, next to Plaza Real, you will find the entrance of Jamboree Jazz Club, in which there used to celebrate concerts of antique music, alternative and youthful. This month, April is the one of tango and the influences that have provide a legacy of this style.

Your 5 stars hotel in Barcelona recommends you to attend to some of the actuations at Jamboree. Specially, we recommend “Five Tango Sensations” for being the representation of the born of contemporaneous tango, through the music and instruments of an artistic group, that will bring light to the concerts room. The group directed by Marcelo Mercadante provides a new opportunity to Piazzolla’s play, so that this can be valued from the own perspective of the artists. In the second part of the concert, Mercadante will offer original and own songs. April begins with impulse and gives a quick look to the concerts’ agenda at Jamboree.