Foto Colectania presents its new exhibition “Weegee by Weegee”


For lovers of gangster stories, police intrigues and unresolved crimes, the new exhibition of the Colectania Foto Foundation is necessary. The Weegee by Weegee exhibition shows the work of crime photographer Arthur H. Felling, better known as Weegee, an artist with a unique and interesting biography. More than 110 extraordinary images will be available until November 5 in the new headquarters of this foundation, located in the heart of the old town of Barcelona and one of the most artistic areas of the city, El Born.

Graphic Crime Reporter in the Big Apple

During the ’30s and’ 40s in New York, crime was the order of the day and occupied day after day the pages of local newspapers. These New York nights that became news the next day, reports and reports about crimes at sunset, caught the attention of Weegee. Therefore, he decided to dedicate himself to photographing murders, accidents and fires, among others.

Weegeer became the most famous graphic reporter in the city. No tragedy escaped from him, and sometimes he even came to the crime scene before the police, who had no problem with the photographer’s presence. Although, to be said… Weegee enjoyed a great advantage because he had in his car a radio tuned to the frequency of the police.

He lived and worked inside his car, a tandem with an extra-large trunk where he kept everything he needed: a typewriter, fireman boots, cigar boxes, infrared film to be able to photograph in the dark, salami, shoes and a mute of clothing as well as an extra pair of socks.

A shocking collection of New York pictures in Barcelona

In this exhibition of the Foto Colectania Foundation, you will be able to appreciate about 110 photographs, his typewriter and his camera. All contributed by the Swiss collection of M + M Auer, which has 500 images of Weegee.

One of his most famous images is Coney Island Beach, where you can see an impressive crowd of people looking at the lens of his camera, smiling and very well focused.

From our design hotel with spa in Barcelona, we invite you to this original exhibition, located at number 14 of Passeig Picasso, right next to the Parc de la Ciutadella. To complement a pleasant walk in one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, we recommend you to finish with a snack in the restaurant Cuinas de Santa Caterina of the Tragaluz Group, located in the street Francesc Cambó 16.

This restaurant is located within the market of Santa Caterina, an architectural icon of the city. It is ideal to enjoy a great variety of dishes and tapas elaborated with Mediterranean, Asian and vegetarian recipes, living at the same time and in first person the distracted and pleasant atmosphere of a day in the market.

So if you did not have a plan for the weekend, put it on the agenda! Visit one of the most striking photographic exhibitions in Barcelona plus a walk full of culture, architecture and good gastronomy. What more could you want?