Gala, the woman who seduced Dalí, in Barcelona

Art, Barcelona

In 1929, Dalí met someone who changed his whole life… and work. The woman who beats behind his brush strokes and appears in many of his canvases, and that same woman who became an artist herself, next to him, in her own way. One name: Gala. The MNAC museum in Barcelona makes her travel through time to the city with the exhibition Gala Salvador Dalí, A Room of One’s Own in Púbol. Available until October 14, don’t miss it!

“Who was the real Gala? Who was this woman whom everybody noticed, who awakened the hatred of Breton and Buñuel, unconditional love in Éluard and Dalí, passion in Max Ernst, loyal friendship in Crevel; who served and was Man Ray’s model? Was she simply an inspiring muse for artists and poets? Or, despite having few signed pieces—only a few surreal objects that are currently lost, certain cadavres exquis and the pages of a diary—was she more of a creator?” With this exhibition, the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí will reveal Gala Dalí: muse and artist, as well as a key figure in twentieth-century art.

The exhibition brings together around 60 pieces by Dalí, including oil paintings and drawings, which allow us to follow the evolution of the painter and the construction of the image and figure of Gala, together with the portraits that other great Surrealist artists made of her. Max Ernst’s paintings, Picasso’s expressions, photographs by Man Ray and Cecil Beaton… And for the first time, the collection will exhibit a series of letters, postcards and books, dresses and objects from Gala’s personal dresser, revealing a piece of her intimate universe.

In total, approximately 315 pieces reconstruct the complex, intuitive and fascinating character of Gala. The exhibition unveils a woman who camouflaged herself as a muse while forging her own path as an artist: writing, imagining, creating her own image while also playing an essential role in Salvador Dalí’s artistic development.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we recommend this exhibition when in Barcelona these months. During your time in the city, visit the MNAC, located in Montjuïc, and take the opportunity to discover the Botanical Gardens, the Teatre del Grec or the Magic Fountain show (check schedules), for instance. A must-see spot (and exhibition for art lovers)!