Gastronomic Tourism: A new way of traveling



Barcelona has a great gastronomic culture that makes it, day by day, the favorite place of many people as a holiday destination. That said, as stated by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), the way people dine in Barcelona (and how well we do it!). Is a data that has great weight when choosing the destination, since a third of the expenditure of a tourist is invested in food.

In recent years, both Catalan and Spanish gastronomy have increased their presence worldwide, favoring the consolidation of a new model of tourist in our country, the gastronomic tourist.

What do we mean by gastronomic tourism?

Gastronomic tourism is a different way of tourism, as its name indicates, makes gastronomy the central axis of the trip, discovering the place through its culinary culture.

Therefore, it consists in moving away from the products of our circle of culinary comfort and daring to try out new flavors and textures. Nevertheless, this type of trip is not based exclusively on jumping from one restaurant to another, but goes much further than this.

It is about knowing the origin of each dish, each recipe and every culinary custom. This is why you visit markets, traditional and typical food shops and participate in local festivals.

Gastronomic tourism in Barcelona

If we talk about gastronomy, our luxury spa hotel in Barcelona has much to contribute to the city in this area, as it has one of the 24 Michelin starred restaurants, the Roca Moo.

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Dare with this type of tourism and know the local culture bite to bite. Try typical dishes, visit markets and let yourself be carried away by the Catalan culinary customs… We will wait for you at the Hotel Omm with our starred menus!