Gerald Van Der Kaap exhibition: Bangkok, Xiamen, Ámsterdam

Art, Barcelona

On the one hand, this project includes a photographic series taken in Bangkok about six Thai university girls and their stories about love, sex and relationships, as well as Xiamen University pictures that capture the fascination of youth and adolescents on the Internet, mobile phones and computers.

Another series, The Gospel According to Kaap reintereprets The Passion according to Matthew, by J.S. Bach, by children from schools in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The exhibition also includes an unreleased video portrait that Van Der Kaap has done this year in the Cap de Creus. This is a reproduction of the actor Enrique Irazoqui, who played as Jesus 50 years ago in the film The Gospel according to Matthew, by Pasolini.

Gerald Van Der Kaap has worked in various artistic disciplines such as photography, video and installation, and their works are characterized by a conceptual approach, and experimental at the same time. You can enjoy the great opportunity to discover the visual artist from the Netherlands through this new collection from the Han Nefken Fundation until August 31th. The entrance is free and the context can not be more accurate: the Palau de la Virreina is one of the best examples of Baroque civil architecture exists in Catalonia, and it is in La Rambla, near the Boquería Market.