Get ready: Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona is waiting for you


Each and every day, more people start running. It’s a healthy sport which motivates to surpass yourself. The increasing number of runners has allowed to organise lots of races in every city in the world. One of the most known is Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona, “La Cursa El Corte Inglés”. Its edition number 36 will take place at 9:30 on April 6.

The starting point will be in Plaça Catalunya and the route follows Passeig de Gracia and Carrer Aragó. The race will continue in Montjuïc mountain and will end back in Plaça Catalunya. In total, it’s 10’766 km, a distance that can be made in about two and half hour just walking. The success of this cursa it’s big and shows Barcelona’s passion for sport; more than 30,000 people will participate.

If you’re a sport lover or just want to live an special day with friends and family, this race can be a perfect choice. Enjoy the atmosphere of this sporting day of spring. If you like competition or you just want to be part of this iconic race, we recommend you the best plan after running: Spaciomm.

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