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Grupo Tragaluz, at the Fine Wines & Food fair!

Hotel Omm

Last week a unique gastronomic event took place in Portugal: the Fine Wines & Food Fair – Kitchen Party, an exquisite experience attended by some of the world’s most influential chefs, wine makers and gourmet producers… And Grupo Tragaluz was there, in the Vila Vita Parc resort in Algarve, to represent the spirit of Barcelona’s gastronomy!

Juan Pretel, from the Roca Moo of Hotel Omm, and Evaristo Triano, who is in charge of Pez Vela’s sea-food cuisine, delighted the attendants with their culinary proposals. The first one presented two of his creations –striped stingray and comté soup with king prawn –in an exceptional dinner in the resort’s Ocean restaurant. This Spanish Star Night Dinner was dedicated to the flavors and creativity of a magnificent cast of culinary Spanish stars among the which there were other significant names such as Paolo Casagrande (Lasarte), Josean Alija (Nerua), Xanti Elias (Acánthum) and Fina Puigdevall (Les Cols).

For his part, Triano directed the Chiringuito Chic Barcelona style lunch in a privileged location, restaurant Praia Dourada settled on the beaches of Armação de Pêra and prepared his very special squid, prawns and clams Spanish rice. With this dish, the Tragaluz chef responsible for one of the best Paellas in the world captivated those who enjoyed the meal in a chill-out atmosphere accompanied by the sounds of a live DJ.

However, you don’t have to travel to Portugal or wait until the next Fine Wines & Food Fair takes place (in two years!) to savor the talent of these two chefs: just come to Barcelona… and book a table with us!

In particular, in the five-star Hotel Omm, located in the heart of Paseo de Grace, you can enjoy a Michelin star menu with the label of Juan Pretel and the experienced advice of the internationally praised Roca brothers. And just in front of the beach, in the Pez Vela restaurant, you will find the delicious Mediterraneand dishes and Paellas prepared by Evaristo Triano, who is also directing the kitchens of Agua and Bestial restaurants, both located in a wanderlust scenario by the sea. Because at the restaurants of Grupo Tragaluz, you can always enjoy the best cuisine in the best company. Find us in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona… and bon appétite!