Halloween with fang-tastic Morti at the Omm!

Hotel Omm

Fake cobwebs, red paint, black spiders, pumpkins with a sinister smile and looking forward to spending a hair-raising night… Halloween’s coming! And at Hotel Omm we have a terrific plan for tomorrow to the rhythms of Dj. Morti. From 8pm and until late, don’t miss our magician show and our live music followed by the musical selection of our most amusing Dj resident. Order your favourite drink, enjoy a nice dinner, meet good local and international ambience… Let’s meet Tuesday after work in the Lobby of the Omm? Indeed!

What’s more, we’re so excited about tomorrow evening that we want to tell you a little bit more about Halloween. Where does it come from? What does it mean? Also known as Allhalloween, it is a pagan holiday celebrated on the eve of All Saint’s Day that has its origins in an ancient Celtic festival. The so-called Samhain festival (which would be translated nowadays into “the end of the summer”) was due every autumn solstice in Ireland to end a season of crops and welcome a new one. But how did we go from there to ghost hunts?

Celtic priests were convinced that on this date, October 31st, spirits came back to wander the earth seeking to possess the living. In order to protect themselves, rituals were performed at night, people dressed funerally and all houses remained dark, cold, unnoticed. At most, some candles were lit to signal the way to the dead. Over the centuries, this particular tradition began to be known as “All Hallows Eve” (literally, “All Saints”) until it finally became Halloween as we know it today.

Without forgetting, of course, the religious background of the traditional Catholic and more European “All-Saints” holiday. During the expansion of the Roman Empire – yes, it’s as old as that –the Celtic celebration was incorporated into the calendar when conquering part of the British Isles. Centuries after that and with the Catholic faith spread all over the continent, a Pope turned it into a Catholic celebration in the Seventh Century, thus giving this ancient festivity a religious framework.

To this day, when we celebrate Halloween every October 31st wearing our most terrifying costumes and painting our faces as if we were zombis, vampires, deadly brides or any other characters from our favourite scary movies. “Trick or treat”, we ask when the sun goes down and the answer is always a smile a little more creepy than the usual…

Oh, how do we love Halloween! At our luxury hotel in the centre of Barcelona we’re looking forward to celebrating this special night together, with you and our fang-tastic Dj.Morti. Come after work to our Lobby, order your favourite cocktail to our barman Ciscu and share your most chilling experiences while enjoying dinner at our casual Roca Bar restaurant. Happy Hallowen at Hotel Omm!