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Happy St Jordi!

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The origins of this celebration come from a legend according to which the knight St Jordi defeated a dragon by stabbing it. It is said that the blood of the beast’s wound turned into a bed of roses and that the hero bent over, picked up one of those red flowers and gave it to the princess as a declaration of his love.

That is why if you walk around Barcelona you will find stalls full of roses: men give them to women, while women give them books. Because April 23rd is also the World Book Day, matching the anniversaries of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. Plus, bookstores like Mas Bernat put up a stand on the street to bring you closer to the best literature and famouse national and international writers can be found signing their books throughout the city.

During or after your walk through Barcelona, wherevere you are, take a break enjoying one of the restaurants from Grupo Tragaluz. In the Diagonal, savor Negro’s Mediterranean menu or Rojo’s Japanese dishes. Or, if you happen to be in Tres Torres, try the culinary delights of the elegant garden and restaurant Acontraluz.

Between Paseo de Gracia and Rambla Catalunya, in Paseo de la Concepción, you will find the restaurants Mordisco, Tragaluz and El Japonés, three of the group’s classics. Also in Paseo de Gracia, you can enjoy the gastronomic space of five star Hotel Omm at Roca Bar, with an informal atmosphere, or at Roca Moo, prized with a Michelin Star. Furthermore, in the historical center, Bar Lobo, Cuines de Santa Caterina and Luzia will also guarantee a delicious meal. And, if you rather stay by the beach, come and delight yourself with the wonderful views and the great food of our three sea-front restaurants: Agua, Pez Vela and Bestial.

This St Jordi, give away roses, books… and share a Tragaluz experience!