A journey through the history of the Motorcycle

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If you are someone who still remembers fondly the day, you received your first bike and if you keep driving your Honda excitedly not miss the opportunity to see how it has changed this vehicle, along history. Do not miss this event, that today is presented by your Hotel Spa in Barcelona. Under the slogan of “a perfect combination of utility and pleasure” comes this new alternative that offers vehicle history through five areas: “Company”, “Competition”, “Industry”, “The Moto Catalana” and” Moto and Cinema “.

If you decide to go, you can meet more than 40 national and international brands, from its beginnings to its current appearance. The aim of this exhibition lies in the fact to understand how a vehicle has changed, once considered elite, now conceived as the best alternative to get around a big city. In addition, for some, a motorcycle is more than a mere means of transport. Over the years, we can say that the evolution and transformation, to a greater or lesser extent, is due to passion and fondness for motorcycles.


Bultaco, a motorcycles legend

Within the Motorcycle Museum in Barcelona, ​​you will also have the option of attending a tribute to the firm Bultaco. Hurry! This small but innovative shows of what was, has been and is, this brand, ends on February 28.

Among the 26 samples will be exposed, we can find classical Tralla 101, Shrapnel, Streaker, spark or Lobito. Lovers of this world know that, in particular, the firm has left a great legacy of victories and sporting successes.

So, we have in front of us a trip of great memories, ranging from the origin of Bultaco, to its present acclaimed return, in which he has decided to get involved in the industry of electric motorcycles. Barcelona museum decides and aims to delve into the history of the motorcycle in Catalonia and worships a brand, from a fascinating collection that brings together the most representative samples.

Surely if you are not a great enthusiast of motors, you enjoy seeing how these vehicles have changed and evolved. Join your Hotel Spa in Barcelona, ​​to promote activities and events that will awaken feelings and memories you thought you had forgotten.