The “Passejada amb Barret” 2016

Hotel Omm

Our hotel in the centre of Barcelona, ​​recommends these types of events to learn, disclose and claim the Catalan culture.

This initiative began in 2005, it was proposed by two lovers of the cindustry of hats: Nina Pawlowsky and Cristina de Prada. For ten years, the number of participants has grown to reach a large number of attendees. In 2014, more than 1,500 people were involved.

To participate you can wear any kind of hat, cap, coats or other fabrics that cover your hair. Everything is accepted: caps, turbans and even cocktail hats. It is important that the chosen hat reflects your personality. Because of this reason, your hotel in the centre of Barcelona recommends to be original and choose the most extravagant pieces of clothing from your wardrobe.  In addition, around this initiative different shops offer unique and particular activities during this celebration. Honouring “Passejada amb barret”, the main shops in the centre of Barcelona decide to decorate their sideboards with hats and caps to illustrate this spring event.

Do you fancy participating? The event begins at noon on Rambla de Catalunya with Diagonal, close to the sculpture of Giraffe Coquette. This year, Plaza Catalunya will end the tour. If you are a fan of hats, now you have an excuse to buy a new piece of clothing. This walk has been celebrated for several years and its popularity has increased every year, to be established today, as an annual event on the agenda from the Catalan city.

Embark, with Hotel Omm, on a walk through the main corners and streets from Barcelona, ​​say bye to winter and welcome the spring. Do not forget! On the 3rd of April, at noon, you have an appointment at Rambla de Catalunya with Diagonal. Get ready to live a unique experience, while wearing your most valued hat.