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Hotel Omm creates its own perfume

Hotel Omm

“When Rosa Esteve ordered me to create a perfume that expressed the personality of Hotel Omm, I studied how to reflect its most important characteristics”, explains Boyd. “I chose the essence of Bergamot to represent the balance between peace and dynamism, the scent of fruits to capture the innovative and groundbreaking concept of the hotel and the aromas of Vanilla and Musk to express the sensuality of its gastronomic offer”, he adds refering to the Roca Moo restaurant, awarded with a Michelin star, and the Roca Bar, with a more informal atmosphere.

And just as this five star hotel inspired a perfume, the perfume inspired a dish… The chef Jordi Roca has developed a dessert following the sensations that the Hotel Omm’s perfume made him feel and that consists of a plum and jasmine sphere with orange blossoms, crunchy of roses, orange and tangerine skin, vanilla and red fruits.

Furtheremore, the toiletries have been developed as an extension of this fragance: the shower gel, the moisturizing cream, the shampoo and the soap that are offered in the bathrooms of the hotel rooms, reinforcing the singularity of hotel Omm with a unique and customized aroma.

It is usually said that smell is the sense that can most powerfully bring up memories… and we hope that your experience at Hotel Omm is more than memorable!