“The alchemy of Spaciomm matches with the needs of each one”

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How would you describe the Spaciomm?

Spacioom is the Hotel Omm relax centre. It is kind of a “larder” of peace and prosperity. It is highly requested by the customers of the hotel but it is also opened to the city and the locals.

What kind of services can we find?

Beauty, health and wellness services. A lovely thermal circuit, aromatherapy and oriental therapies that promote internal balance, facial and body care, personal dietetic advice, radio-frequency body, hair salon, manicure and pedicure, personalised Pilates lessons, personal training…

Could you tell us which products are used in the treatments?

Hotel Omm spa feature is making the products ourselves. Our alchemy matches with the personal need of each customer. For example, we work with Natura Bissé, one of the most renowned brands in Spain.

On the website, we can see that there are special offers every month. What are those offers about?

All those offers give the customer the chance to know all the treatments. Every month, we suggest a treatment according to the season and the needs the body and the skin may have, such as beauty detox solutions, protect it, just relax, etc.

Everybody can have a Spaciomm membership card. What are its benefits?

Lots of benefits! It has very good acceptance by the customers of Barcelona. By being a membership, you can get discounts on any spa treatment, but also in the Roca Bar or our summer terrace. Moreover, there are discounts on Pilates lessons, as well. We want customers to feel that he or she is part of an exquisite club full of advantages.

Please, tell us about the “rituals of the world”.

Hotel Omm spa offers rituals that attempt to show materials or elements from different continents. That’s our hallmark: beautiful treatments that involve all sense with a sweet and hedonistic club.

Why do you recommend visiting Spaciomm? Three reasons to enjoy it are…

Because everybody need to take a break in our stressful days. Because our treatments prevent and alleviate pains and illness. Because if we feel good, we live better.

Taking these firsthand recommendations, from Hotel Omm we invite you to come and try our soothing spa. Spaciomm will renew yourself.