Hotel Omm wish you a happy Three Kings Day!

Hotel Omm

The three Magic Kings parade is unique and it will start at 5pm at the sea, starting at Puerto de Barcelona in Moll de la Fusta. The mayor and other personalities will be there to meet the Kings as they deserve it. Later, the parade will begin and will go through all the main streets of the city.

At 6:30pm the parade will start in Avenue Marquès de l’Argentera and will continue through Via Laietana, Plaça Catalunya, Plaça Universitat and will end around 10pm in Plaça Espanya, where the King will leave to give presents during all night in Catalunya. In the parade we will have music, lights, color and a lot of sweets.

In the next morning, tomorrow, we will wake up after seen a spectacular animated parade with decorative floats. The Three Kings Day is a very special day in all Spain; we can’t wait to see what will give us that day!

The Three Kings Day starts opening the presents that the Three Magic Kings brought us. It’s a wonderful morning and because of that is worth to get up early. If we haven’t been good enough during all year, under the tree you couldn’t find presents but coal as a punishment. After a fun morning unwrapping the gifts (we wish everybody has them), the families get together to spend the day with their beloved ones.

After a good meal, where the main dish is without a doubt the different varieties of cannelloni, we will have the “Roscón de Reyes”. This is a typical cake that all the Spanish people eat during this special day. It can have different flavors (from cream to chocolate) and each person in the family takes a piece.

This cake is delicious and in this cold day it gets along very well with hot chocolate or coffee. The “Roscón” has a surprise inside it and according to tradition, we can find different figures. On one hand, we can get a Magic King which is a sign that we will be lucky and because of that, we will have to wear a crown. On the other hand, there also other decorative figures which they include a very bad one, the bean. This bean tells us that we will have lucky during the whole year (if we keep it) but that day we will have to pay for the cake.

From our Barcelona five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we wish you to enjoy this special day with your family and beloved ones and have fun with your gifts and cake surprises.

Hotel Omm wish you a happy Three Kings Day!