Hotel Omm wishes you a happy New Year

Hotel Omm

Hotel Omm wants to say goodbye to 2015 and thank customers for placing their trust in us. For letting us be part of your travel and for spending the nights in the city we love.

At this time, the social tradition leads us to review what happened during the year. We all have a habit of mentally relive the moments that have marked our lives during this time. We welcome new opportunities, we are saddened by the disappointments and we smile to what may come. Hotel Omm in Paseo de Gracia, also wants to take stock of what happened during the year.

Balance of year

2015 began with enthusiasm and innovation from the engine of the luxury hotel. From inside the Hotel Omm is a team of professionals who work tirelessly to get the best quality both aesthetically and in service. In this sense, the elevators surprised our guests with designs of different views of the city of Barcelona thanks to the collaboration of the Catalan designer Javier Mariscal.

April gave the go-ahead to the spring season. The good weather brought the reopening of the restaurant Tragamar, of Grupo Tragaluz. In addition, as mandated by the Catalan tradition, the feast of Sant Jordi was held on the 23rd.

Our restaurants have become a reference in terms of gastronomy and a special cultural entertainment. The Roca Moo has one Michelin star. In addition, this restaurant offers a very particular vision of the Catalan cuisine. Our chef Juan Pretel is the responsible of the heading of this gastronomic motor. The Roca Bar, in the lobby, working with the constant innovation of traditional dishes. It is a modern space that has become a meeting point for people of Barcelona. In addition, the night in Barcelona has acquired another alternative dimension with Omm Club. This area offers a unique atmosphere to enjoy the nights in an exclusive area.

June started with the summer season. Barcelona beaches were filled with tourists who wanted to enjoy the pleasure of bathing in the Mediterranean, as Serrat sings. Thus, it was time to open the terrace of the Hotel Omm, an ideal place to unwind from the day with the best atmosphere.

The Omm environment is unique, so our hotel is chosen from morning until evening for events, dinners, lunches, meetings…

To end the year, Hotel Omm wants to thank you for choosing us. Happy New Year !