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Hotel Omm’s lobby: a meeting point in Barcelona

Hotel Omm

With a modern, minimalist and elegant décor elaborated by the interior designer Sandra Tarruella, the lobby of Hotel Omm is a good place to lay down on the sofas and read a book, savor a drink on the way out of the office or hold an informal meeting. In this sense, it is usual to find people in our lobby working on their laptop or having a professional conversation.

Later in the evening, from Wednesday to Saturday and starting 8pm, live music is played. The singers know how to create a unique atmosphere with their performances, which have that air of closeness and familiarity that defines Hotel Omm. Furthermore, we are happy to welcome a very diverse audience: people from Barcelona and from all over the world get together and share an acoustic moment in Paseo de Gracia.

And whenever you feel like having something to eat, enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at one of the two restaurants available at our hotel lobby, both advised by the chefs Roca brothers: the Roca Bar and the Roca Moo, with a Michelin star.

This is the essence of the lobby of Hotel Omm: a warm and cosmopolitan meeting place and one of the most open, friendly and elegant leisure spaces in Barcelona. A must-visit in the city that is looking forward to greeting you with a smile: “Bienvenidos, benvinguts, bienvenue, welcome”.