The dance show “DOT” in “El Mercat de les Flors”

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Today, your hotel Paseo de Gracia recommends devoting weekends to culture and to activities that you can find, every week, in El Mercat de les Flors. If you decide to go, during the 2015-2016 season, you will be able to enjoy the best artistic initiatives, especially this year; they will be focused on the world of dance and movement. Since 1983, educational and cultural programs have been their primary responsibility, however, this year El Mercat de les Flors, aims to represent the world of dance in our society. This objective has its results in events where dancing, combined with theatre, acquires the maximum importance.


“Dot”: the show for children in El Mercat de les Flors

Juan Pablo Mendiola is responsible of giving life to the spectacle “Dot”. This perfect representation of dance and theatre was awarded by the MAX and FETEN awards in 2015 and 2014, respectively, as best children’s show. In 2014, it also won first place in the “Butaca awards” as best family show. Your Hotel Paseo de Gracia recommends your assistance; it can be a unique experience to enjoy with your children, family or even yourself.

“Dot” is the work of an American artist Sol Lewitt, in which the starting point is a white wall that will evolve and develop into a many colours. The argument takes as a main character a girl named Laia, who will try, by all means, to remove all the traces of stain on the white wall, until Dot arrives. This completely changes the course of history and life of Laia. Magic and imagination invade the stage and both characters embark on a journey through music and colour. The result is a surprising work that combines dance, theatre, music and new technologies; it is an alternative plan to enjoy alone or with your children.

“Dot” is not the only show that will take place on March. Each week, El Mercat de les Flors proposes and organizes various activities around culture and leisure. Do you have a plan for next weekends? Take a look at the plans and proposals we have for you in our Barcelona design hotel, ‚Äč‚Äčtoday we talk about El Mercat de les Flors and its claim for dance. Be aware of our cultural proposals for you, be aware of the news at Hotel Omm and enjoy art in the best ways.