Your hotel with live music recommends the musical proposals at El Molino

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At El Molino, as in our hotel with live music, you can enjoy live musical offerings. In addition, if you are a fan of classic jazz or jazz Manouche … You have a perfect opportunity! Enjoy the best rhythms of Jazz at El Molino and do not miss one of its fantastic Jazz Nights.


Concert of Open Gate during the Jazz Night

They come from soul, from classic jazz; meanwhile, Susana Sheiman has experience in the field, for their contributions in the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra. When she arrived to Barcelona in 2004, the melodies of her group started sounding in many important locals from our city, for instance, Palau de la Música or Apolo. What is special about Open Gate? The timbre of Sheiman’s voice, her extensive record and the excitement that follows her with each direct.

Susana Sheiman and her group Open Gate are a mix of gospel, swing, soul and jazz. The following members compose it:

Susana Sheiman: voice

Toni Solà: tenor sax

Artur Regada: bass

Xavier Algans: piano

Caspar Saint-Charles: drums

They are Open Gate and they have joined us to offer the spectator different themes, all connected by a thin thread, which rises in the soul of each of the group members. Despite maintaining that unity among all their subjects, they are able to introduce new ideas or reflections on each of its musical offerings. The quality and personal touch are the result of the combination of instruments and Sheiman’s voice, which has acquired personality and quality during her career, to become what she is today.

Once again, your hotel with live music is there to offer the best plans in Barcelona. It is the week of music….Are you going to miss a pleasant jazz concert at El Molino in Barcelona?