Ibercamera concerts

Hotel Omm

Ibercamera is the developer in charge of classical music concerts most prestigious Catalonia. The success of this group is translated into millions of sold tickets since it opened in 1985. This success reflects the great passion out there for this sort of music. In addition, Ibercamera is not focused on a style or a predetermined time when presenting concerts. Instead, it offers a wide range of classical music from the Baroque to the Avant-Garde.

For over 30 years, the commitment of this firm to classical music is part of the heritage of European culture. Beyond the intimacy of the concerts, Ibercamera has its mission in support of this heritage showing excellent artistic diffusion.

Hotel Omm always agree to promote culture. So in this post we are focusing on the four concerts that will be performed from 25 November until 25 January.

The first event will take place on November 25 at the Palau de la Música Catalana. This event will count with the presence of Varvara, a pianist who returns to thank the trust of the promoter and that will offer a varied and ambitious recital. This artist is noted for its delicacy and personality that make of her music a distinguished work of poignant sensitivity.

The last month of the year, specifically on 10 December, the Messiah. Devoted to the representation of Handel, Messiah comes with his orchestra Instruments of Time and Truth and the recognized Choir of Oxford Voices.

However, the new coming year will start with a welcome in Barcelona. Valery Gergiev is presented to the public for the first time in Barcelona and he does so with the Munich Philharmonic. On January 17, at the Auditorium, Poem of Ecstasy by director Valery Gergiev.

Finally, we find a real American night. Radio Colonia has an orchestra dedicated to jazz and American music of the twentieth century. West Side Story in the hands of Wayne Marshall, director of Radio Colonia.

If you want an experience where classical music and art are the protagonists, Ibercamara offers a new season of concerts. Hotel Omm recommends you not miss it.