Ideas to start with at Roca Bar


“Let’s go eat something?”. This is how many of the stories that have something to tell begin, between one drink and another, sharing dishes and conversations. At Roca Bar, the informal restaurant of Hotel Omm open non-stop every day of the year, we witness how many of these relationships and anecdotes are born and consolidate around a table. And because we love being part of all of them, we have many (and delicious) ideas to start with. These three starters on our menu that are perfect for creating good memories in good company.

The first one is a trio of “tapas” that has just reinvented itself with the arrival of autumn. Grilled brioches stuffed with “rabo de toro” (ox tail), some vegetable chips and one of our classic Iberian ham croquettes make a great combination for falling into a conversation. What is more, for those who crave specially for croquettes, two by two or four at a time, they are themselves a delicious idea to get to know each other at our Roca Bar.

Another original way of breaking the ice is to order our “patatas bravas in churros” or spicy potatoes , a classic Roca Bar starter. And yes, they’re exactly that, the traditional Spanish french fries with spicy sauce (patatas bravas) but in the form of churros (Spanish sweet fritters), served in a square and metallic glass that mimics the typical paper bags from the street churro shops and with the sauce at the bottom. Just as if you were about to dip the churros into the chocolate, but “a la brava”. Sounds good, right?

And just as creative as our truffle brioches with poultry stock. We serve four units per portion to be eaten in the most amusing way. Recalling those after-school snacks or those sweet moments from when we were kids, dip the brioche into the broth before each bite and savour the contrast between its more salty taste and the sugary image it evokes. And, why not, it might become the perfect excuse to start talking about all of those childhood memories that bring a smile (or more than one) to your faces.

So… “let’s go eat something at the Roca Bar?”. Located in the lobby of our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, in the menu you’ll find several dishes under the title “Ideas to start with” that have been thought as starters to share and enjoy between friends, family, lovers, business colleagues… And with the unique touch of the Roca Brothers, our gastronomic advisors from El Celler de Can Roca, at small prices. “Spicy potatoes over here, please!” and let this be the start of a beautiful story to tell.