Inauguration of the Circonflexe Garden by Xavier Vilató


The Joan Gaspar Gallery opens in collaboration with the Llorenç Artigas Gallifa Foundation, this Friday 27 of October at 18:30, an imaginary world of ideas presented through art. This is Jardin Circonflexe, the new exhibition of Xavier Vilató in Barcelona. In this sample, will see different artistic expressions such as painting, engraving and ceramics.

An alternative garden in Barcelona

The French artist Xavier Vilató constructs in this exhibition an environment that tries to take the visitors to a deep reflection on the transgression. The universe of Jardin Circonflexe is not born with the intention of translating an objective reality, nor of transforming it, but of “emotionalizing” it through disfigured characters emanating from a created nature.

Vilató found inspiration in the countryside, in Menorca and in the summer nights of his childhood to carry out this unique project. He took these influences and shaped them into moons and stars that remember very much the works of the celebrated Joan Miró.

Nephew-grandson of the incomparable Pablo Picasso, Xavier Vilató has made throughout his artistic career a continuous search reflected in the evolution of his artistic work. Specifically, through its so-called series or “seasons” you can see how the style of this artist who has come to Barcelona has been changing with emotions.

The “shamanic” workshop and the importance of the work

For Vilató, a consecrated artist, it is important to defend the quality of art above aesthetics. In his opinion, one of the most important moments in any artistic work is precisely the moment of its own creation. When the idea appears, when is born and materializes in the workshop. This is what he defines as the “shamanic space” of creation.

Jardin Circonflexe is part of an exhibition in collaboration with the Fundació Llorenç Artigas de Gallifa, which has a total of 120 paintings, 50 bronze and ceramic sculptures, several lithographs and engravings. This splendid exhibition will be available until December 12 in Barcelona at the Joan Gaspar Gallery, located at number 1 of Dr. Letamendi Square. To visit this exhibition attendants most arranged an appointment by telephone in advance.

Moreover, to round off the experience, since this gallery is very close to our 5 star hotel in Barcelona, we recommend you to go there enjoying a nice autumnal walk.

You can also take the opportunity to try of some of the Tragaluz Group restaurants in the area. Shortly before arriving at the exhibition, for example, you will find the oriental tavern Fan Ho and the Mediterranean restaurant Tapas Tomate, two proposals sharing the same place on Calle Valencia but with two different menus, two essences and two very different cuisines. Of course, for the most curious and for those who want to embark on a trip from this shore to Asia in the purest Marco Polo style, in the common area between both restaurants you can taste what you like most of each.

With all this… do we launch into the adventure? Let us first go through a fantastic garden, soak up some art and then stop for some flavored food and aromas that arrive directly from the other side of the world.