Interview to Juan Pretel

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Juan Pretel is the first chef in the Roca Moo Restaurante then we can read his interview.


–  Tell us about your professional career

I studied restaurant business in Valencia. I worked at a couple of restaurants and a hotel, but my dream was to complete my education doing a stage in the “Celler de Can Roca”, I got it and not only that 6 months later they offered me manage the departure of cold room.

A year later I was able to come to Roca Moo. A year after I was able to come to Roca Moo and then became a second Chef. When Felip Llufriu left I turn into the first Chef of the Roca Moo in April 2014.


-Do you feel comfortable with the Roca philosophy ?

I agree with it 100%. His philosophy has been very important in my working life


How would you define your contribution?

“The rest of my team and I try to contribute to creativity, youth, and eager to cook”


–      Which is the best dish for you?

“Ravioli” of oxtail with prawns from Palamos.


– What two dishes on the menu can not miss at the table of our customers?

The “ravioli” and “turbot” with yellow lentils.


In addition to the food, what you find in the Roca Moo?

I would highlight bar view of the customer and the atmosphere that is created next to it.


For all those who want to take a break from work midday, rock Moo has a very varied menu and very good atmosphere what dishes can be found in the?

We found very interesting dishes for all tastes. Those who have better reception among clients, it may form part of the menu.


-What is the most satasfactorio of your work?

Thanks to the open bar, I can see the reactions of people to taste our dishes.


– Tell to our customers three reasons why they should come to  enjoy our restaurant Roca Moo.

The atmosphere in the bar from the hotel and of course our food and service


Hotel Omm invite you to come and try our gastronomic Roca Moo Restaurant.

You will want to repeat!