Jofré and Carmina , the Omm’s boutiques

Hotel Omm

Take advantage and check out the two boutiques on the Hotel Omm. Get yourself a lovely outfit in Jofré or get the perfect custom-made winter shoes in Carmina and show them when you get back from your trip!

Since 1929, the year Jofró opened its first store, this family company with entrance from Paseo de Gracia, 104 and from the lobby of the Hotel Omm offers the main luxury brands such as Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci or Prada as well in their stores in Catalonia, Canary Islands and Belgium.

Her neighbour, Carmina, at Paseo de Gracia street 106, with also an entrance from the Lobby, has been producing shoes since 1866 with stores all over the world. Every pair is made to your measure thanks to a team of craftsmen who care, with special affection, for every detail. Carmina has also a beautiful collection of shoes for women and men.

If you make your purchase online, Carmina can also send you your order for free if you have spent more than EUR 250, until 31 December.

Go shopping without leaving our Barcelona boutique hotel. Are you in?