Jorge Oteiza’s work at Casa Mila

Art, Barcelona, Paseo de Gracia

If you love the world of sculpture there is no doubt that you should to visit this exhibition showing the trajectory of the renowned artist Jorge Oteiza; this exhibition takes place at the emblematic Casa Mila, better known as “La Pedrera”, daily from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. for general the entrance. Guided tours only on Saturdays at 18pm and Sundays at 12pm.

A reference point for art

Jorge Oteiza was a sculptor of abstract art who is also considered to be one of the greatest exponents of the Basque School of Sculpture and a key artist in the history of twentieth century art. At the exhibition in which Casa Milà has worked in collaboration with the Museum Foundation Jorge Oteiza, you can appreciate some 130 works of the artist plus others that belong to the most primitive and experimental times of the sculptor.

It could not miss in this sample its famous metaphysical boxes, the Oteiza pieces that ended his experimental sculpture season. With these metaphysica boxes, Oteiza worked empty, spaces and light in search of the “presence of absence.

In addition to his best-known works, the exhibition also features photographs, sketches and drawings of other lesser-known facets of the vital, creative and political career of the artist, who also had an interest in architecture, poetry, pedagogy and cultural upheaval.

For your convenience, Casa Mila is very close to our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, so you can enjoy the charm of this emblematic work of Gaudí and exhibition of Jorge Oteiza at a walking distance from our hotel, it can get any better than this.