Jose Guerrero. The Presence of Black 1950-1966

Art, Barcelona

The Suñol Foundation brings this exhibition which was programmed to mark the centenary of Guerrero’s birth and has gone through Granada and Madrid. The exhibition includes more than one hundred works including paintings, prints and drawings never seen in Spain from collections and national and American museums that represent a monographic and deep immersion in the stage where the artist found his own voice.

Jose Guerrero, who has been framed within abstract expressionism, began in 1953 to make abstract painting with the New York School. His works are noted for their chromatics and his use of masses of color. In this show you’ll find some of the engravings made in William Hayter’s Atelier in New York and his “portable frescoes” showing his interest in the integration of painting in architecture.

Influenced by painters such as Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Clyfford Still and Barnett Newman, Guerrero managed to find his own style, reflected in this show that almost tells his stylistic adventures in the United States until he returned to Spain in 1965. Omm Spa Barcelona encourages you not to miss this exhibition which also includes an important set of catalogs, photographs, documents and writings of Jose Guerrero. To visit go to Paseo de Gràcia 98 until September 4.