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José Pedro Croft: New work, old territories

Art, Barcelona

The SENDA Gallery, of contemporary art, presents an exhibition with the work of one of the most influential artists in Portuguese culture. It is José Pedro Croft, one of the highest representatives of sculpture in Portugal. The exhibition “New works, old territories” will inaugurated on March 23 at the SENDA Gallery and will be available until May 5.

José Pedro Croft in Portuguese sculpture

Born in Oporto in 1957, José Pedro is a renowned Portuguese sculptor recognized for his particular form and technique to create sculptures where his formal universe and his private universe are found. According to Croft’s own words, “the interesting part of my work is in the nuances and the small differences, not in trying to enclose it within a certain line.” Croft sculptures create complex dialogues with the environment, as well as with their own shape and volume through simple structures.

During the 80’s he worked in stone sculpture, bas-relief and modeling, then in the 90s began to incorporate in his work more common objects such as chairs and tables to create orderly volume with the intention of testing the stability, weight and layout.

In his work, we can find references of architecture, the organization of space, the concept of monument and its deconstruction. Thanks to this influence in his work, he has been the representative of Portugal in the last edition of The Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016 and will again represent Portugal in this year’s edition.

From our design hotel in Barcelona, we invite you to visit from March 23 to May 5 at the SENDA Gallery located on Trafalgar Street, the work of this Portuguese artist, considered as one of the responsible for the revival of the Portuguese art in the 80’s. Also as an additional advantage, this gallery is located very close to the Palau de la Música Catalana, so you can take advantage of your visit to the gallery to get to know one of the most beautiful cultural places in Barcelona.