Josep Abril wins 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk


The thirteen edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion took place last week in Born Centre Cultural and it was a success because the number of assistants, close to 40.000, and the winner of “080 Barcelona Fashion Award”.

It was last Friday 31st when the Hotel Omm uniform designer, Josep Abril, was proclaimed winner for having the best collection that combined creativity, quality and selling. 080 Barcelona Fashion Award has been provided with 20.000 Euros that the Catalan designer wants to invest in their international projects and in his brand in Catalunya.

Josep Abril collection called “Reflections” was presented last Wednesday 20th and it was a successful of sober and minimalist design. Unlike other designers that only stand up for creativity, Abril wants to make a functional collection with suits and practical dresses; in short, a kind of clothes that people can wear every day.

During the award ceremony in Born Centre Cultural, the president of the jury, Song Pham, valued the dresses elegance of Josep Abril and he was excited about the award he was receiving that will let him to expand outside Barcelona.

From our five star hotel in Barcelona, we want to congratulate Josep Abril for his excellent work.