Meet Kaisu, our Rooms Division Manager

Hotel Omm

Kaisu Porta is our Rooms Division Manager. One afternoon, around 7pm, we sit down with her in Roca Bar and, with some jazz and the rumor of the crowded lobby as background music, we ask her about her experience in our hotel.

Kaisu, for how long have you been working here?

I started when it wasn’t even open! A couple of weeks before the opening, I was already here settling minibars, putting up lamps, organizing the front desk…

Wow… you’ve seen the hotel’s evolution and must have somehow evolved yourself… 

Well, I started as a receptionist, then became second in charge of the front desk, head of the front desk and currently, I am the Rooms Division Manager, which includes two departments: front desk and housekeeping.

From your experience, what would you say that makes the Omm different from other hotels?

The love for detail, more clearly in aesthetics. For example, as an anecdote, in the last hotel I stayed in just recently I was struck by the fact that the bakery bells were made out of plastic instead of a more elegant material such as glass or any other of a better quality. When you’ve worked for some time not just in the hotel, but in any Grupo Tragaluz restaurant, these little things do not go unnoticed because you’re used to everything being taken care of with attention, from the most obvious, such as the furniture, to the lightning of every corner.

And at the front desk… 

The friendly and close relationship we have with guests. The front desk is very important because it is where people come to tell you anything, complaints and compliments. In the end you get to know the people, their stories, their tastes…

Are there many who choose to repeat their experience here?

Yes, especially when they come for business. I guess that when you have to travel a lot for work and find a place where you can feel at home, you choose to stay.

Are these frequent guests treated in a special way?

Well, we obviously want to recognize them and to make them feel recognized. Before their arrival, we review their previous stays and choose which special amenity we shall welcome them with thinking about what we put the last time, what they like, the time of the year it is…

In total, you have welcomed more than 100 nationalities in 15 years… 

Yes (smiles). This job is a daily challenge because you experience in first person different cultures and, of course, you have to adapt to them. You can’t welcome an Asian person, who is usually more shy, the same way you would welcome and American who is happy to tell you all about their trip.  Japanese, for example, have a very polite and amusing way of showing that they’re paying attention to what you’re saying. When we show them their rooms they usually repeat “oh, oh” over and over again, making us feel very special! (Laughs).

As Rooms Division Manager, if you had to recommend one of our rooms

That’s a tricky question, it depends. If it’s your first time in Barcelona an exterior room with street views is amazing, but there are also many guests who prefer a peaceful interior room, with their balcony and views to the internal garden.

What three things do guests usually like most of staying here? 

Our friendly staff, the decoration and the location of the hotel in Paseo de Gracia, which is unbeatable! And even more now, over the years.

What do you mean?

When we first opened in this area there were less shops and restaurants, is if Paseo de Gracia stopped a couple or three streets below. The fact that we were here, together with a few more hotels, enlivened our surroundings. I don’t think Valentino would have opened a shop here if the Omm hadn’t been here.

What makes you think this?

Well, this hotel has always been and still is a trendy meeting point in the city. A space full of life like this generates more life and activity around it.

How did it become a fashionable place so quickly?

For the novelty, I suppose. That the successful Grupo Tragaluz opened a hotel here was a big boom, and even more with the concept of opening up to the city. The people of Barcelona say “let’s go have a drink at the Omm!” without even considering it is a hotel.

Do in-house guests notice this?

Yes, and they like it. We have many different types of clients, but in general the most common is that of a dynamic and urban person, who likes design very much, and who chooses the Omm because it is not just any other typical hotel. They often tell us that here, they feel they can truly experience Barcelona because they share it with local people.