“La feria” begins!


Parc del Forum, with its 105.000 square metres, will be filled again of stands, food and music, lot of music. There will be 68 stands, to dance traditional “sevillanas” and taste the best drinks. We recommend the opening night, when a 22×10 metres door is lighted up with leds. It’s a fascinating light and colour show, which surprises every year.

During these days, “la feria” will be the perfect epicentre to taste the best Mediterranean gastronomy, as well as to see and live the Andalousian culture. In addition to stand’s music, there will be popular bands and “sevillanas” schools too. Flamenco and lots of art will take stages and “tablaos” to surprise the people that go to the festival. These days, Bacelona will experience in full the Andalousian tradition.

From our Paseo de Gracia five star hotel, Hotel Omm, we recommend you to go to “la feria”. It’s one of the most important “ferias” in the country and seeing the whole illuminated city from the big wheel is astonishing. If you want to enjoy music, tradition and good food, Barcelona’s “Feria de Abril” will be the perfect place. Discover in these warm nights the Catalonian and Andalousian art.