La Traviata comes back to Liceu

Art, Barcelona, Music

Under the musical direction of Evelino Pidò and scenic style of David McVicar, which evoke a Paris of decadent luxury, this atypical work of Verdi awakens our realistic side. Unlike Aída or Nabucco, the story of Violetta, who is on her deathbed, presents in the form of flashbacks her life as a courtesan. A direct attack to the hypocrisy of the society of the time.

This work is also a celebration of life, generosity, compassion and putting the needs of others before oneself, which is thwarted in a society that rejects such classical human virtues. Verdi mentioned taboos of the era such as syphilis and tuberculosis, which caused a bad reception of the work at its premiere.

It is produced by the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Scottish Opera (Glasgow) with Welsh National Opera (Cardiff) and the Royal Theatre, with the Symphonic Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre Liceu. With sopranos Elena Moşuc and Anita Hartig in the role of Violetta, the opera transports us to a Paris where luxury parties in private rooms were common.

Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona encourages you not to miss this masterpiece that after so long can be enjoyed at the Gran Teatre Liceu from today until July 18th. Visiting Paris in 1853 while enjoying good music without leaving the seat has never been easier.