Le Corbusier, a modern landscape atlas in Barcelona

Art, Barcelona

Le Corbusier (1887-1965) is considered a main piece of the contemporary architecture. He matched discipline with art in all its ways and that’s why he became a pioneer. He fought for the lower classes and advocated for an efficient architecture for metropolises.

In this exposition you will able to see models, paintings, sketches and reconstructions from the artists that will let see his different facets. Most of the pieces come from the Fondation Le Corbusier from Paris and MoMa from New York. In these pieces you can see Le Corbusier work that he did through the whole world and during his all life, from South America to India, from New York to Paris.

Precisely, he established his study room in the French capital in 1917. There, he was in touch with artist and he was influenced by new art trends like cubism. His artistic sensibility was the key for his later architecture facet. Because of that, his work has poetic and provocative interpretation about the new technological world that was growing.

He worked approximately in 400 projects and built 75 buildings in twelve countries. His particular vision changed the urban physiognomy where he worked in and he tried to match architectonic creations with nature and landscapes. Le Corbusier style is still alive in many urban spaces and in the architectures that came after him.

As design lovers, from our five star hotel in Barcelona, we recommend you to visit this exposition, where you can see one of the most important architectures of contemporary world. Also, this retrospective goes along conference meetings that you can’t miss.