Leopoldo Pomés – flashback

Art, Barcelona, Hotel Omm, Paseo de Gracia, Photography

This exhibition, which will be available until July 12th in Casa Milà – La Pedrera -, has more than 100 images that represents with detail his creative universe; from the beginning with the Dau al Set up to today, reviewing both life and work. The photographer, who self-taught himself and developed a very personal style, was very misunderstood at the beginning of his career because he tried to capture the spirit of the new times and leave behind the photographic chronicles of Barcelona in the 50s and 60s.

The Pomés style is defined as elegant, bright, sophisticated and sensual; a style that developed since the early sixties when he created Studio Pomés with Karin Leiz, revolutionizing advertising in Spain. Women and portraits are the two major themes in Leopoldo Pomés work; in an era marked by a great collective phenomenon, Pomés’ portraits underscore the magnetism and the uniqueness of the person.

Also Casa Milà, true to its tradition of creating parallel activities to its exhibitions to deepen the content of them, it has organized a dialogue between the photographer himself and David Trueba and a panel discussion on the work of Leopoldo Pomés.

Restaurant Omm Hotel & Spa Barcelona, located in front of La Pedrera in Paseo de Gracia, recommends this interesting exhibition of this artist who swayed and changed the photography of his time and the concept of advertising in Spain. Don’t miss the work of Leopoldo Pomés who, with an enormous poetic potential, quickly became an innovative creator.