L’Hora del Jazz Festival

Barcelona, Music

To celebrate the 25th AMJM anniversary, the festival get night programme of concerts back in the Pl. de la Vila. Slow Quartet at Cafè del Conservatori del Liceu, with the bassist David Mengual, is one of the evening session concerts for free. It will take place on Thursday 26th at 9pm. Another option is Pomodoro Hunters at Jamboree, with influences from both jazz and classical music, the 30th (two sessions at 8pm and 10pm for 12€).

This year, L’Hora del Jazz (The hour of Jazz) is collaborating with the new Jazzing festival, which takes place the 26th in Sant Andreu district. You can get your ticket in advance (€10.50) if you don’t want to miss this double concert.

The Festival L’Hora del Jazz – Memorial Tete Montoliu aims to bring quality jazz by the hand of some of the best Catalan artists. Take this opportunity and let you be seduced by the jazz sounds that flood Barcelona these days thanks to AMJM and L’Hora del Jazz Festival.