Live music for the Khanimambo Foundation


This Saturday 16th, there will be a solidarity concert in our rooftop terrace to raise money for Khanimambo Foundation’s choir.  María Millet, Menno Marien and José Luis Sánchez will perform jazz and bossa-nova music from 8pm to 10pm, dedicating their voices to the children of Mozambique.

“Music is not a choice. It’s a vocation”, says María Millet to describe her passion for music, inherited from her family history. Descendent of a famous opera singer and of the founder of one of the most important Catalan musical institutions, Orfeó Català, Maria has founded her own music school, Vocal Coach Barcelona. “There is only one thing I enjoy more than singing: singing together”, she explains.

With this philosophy she has promoted Music for Khanimambo, a charitable project that transcends borders and emotions. A couple of years ago, Maria visited the foundation in Xai-Xai, Mozambique, and was fascinated by the energy that the music teacher, Casimiro, put into his work, trying to convey it to his students.

She then saw the opportunity to carry out a more serious music project, professionalizing the Khanimambo choir. That’s how it all started. Maria joined two friends, Menno and José Luis, and began to organize these charity performances in Barcelona to raise funds for the choir. Thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment, the foundation is receiving resources to train professor Casimiro and to educate the children of Xai-Xai through music, teaching them to sing and expanding their musical horizon and culture.

Khanimambo Foundation in Mozambique

Khanimambo means “thank you” in changana, the ancestral language of Mozambique. With this word began the dream of many children. The Khanimambo Foundation was born in 2007 with a mission: to help children in the most impoverished areas of Mozambique so that they can have a decent childhood that allows them to build a future for themselves.

One of the activities promoted by the foundation in Xai-Xai is Talented Fridays, which seeks to enhance creativity, passion for art, expressiveness and the perfection of an artistic discipline. The choir that Maria sponsors with her voice and passion for music is part of this initiative.

This Saturday, don’t miss the opportunity to make your little contribution and come to the Terrace of the Omm at 8pm, enjoying a nice dinner or a drink while listening to Maria, Menno and Jose Luis’ live music and thinking about all those children who are singing a song back in Mozambique because of moments like this.