Lluïsa Vidal. A modernist painter

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Pioneer of women’s art

Born into a very cultural and wealthy family in Barcleona, Lluïsa always was involved in the artistic modernist world mostly because of the relations between some members of her family and influential personalities at the time, like Pau Casals, whom was married to one of Lluïsa’s sisters. Her father was cabinetmaker, decorator and founder, who spend his life dedicated to arts and business, this is why Lluïsa grew up in an enviroment grew up conducive to art since she was a child.

When she was old enough, she want to Paris to finish her art career, this experience helped her to be recognized like the only woman at the time who chose to dedicated her life to modernist art. She got influences from other artist like Ramón Casas y Santiago Rusiñol. She was an activist and committed woman, and you can see that reflected in her works. Lluïsa was very observer and that worked very good for her, beacuse it helped her to created very realistic art pieces that represent the vision and life of women’s daily life.

Her work uncovered

The exhibition held by the National Art Museum of Catalunya, shows recognized pieces of her work, like the ones she did in the outdoor, representing popular holidays, beaches and balls, which were her favorite themes, but you can also see some other work of Lluïsa, pieces she never though could be out of her workshop. There’s also some sketches and illustrations she did for a magazine she used to work with, Feminal Magazine and Artistic Magazine. At the end of the way there is a display of family portraits and personal life of the artist, where you can even see some handwrote letters from Lluísa. You cannot miss this spectacular exhibition of the best representative of femenin art in Catalonia.

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