The exhibition Loghtforms/Soundforms by the artist Brian Eno, finally arrives to Barcelona

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The exhibition Lightforms / Soundforms opened to the public this past June 14. This is the most complete sample of the work of the multifaceted British artist Brian Eno.

The exhibition will take place in the Max Cahner Cloister of the Arts Santa Mònica center, located at the beginning of Rambla Santa Mònica and next to the monument to Colombus.

This showcase, made up of different audiovisual pieces, will be open to the public until 1 October. It is an exhibition that completes the curious trilogy of exhibitions formed by “David Bowie is” currently present in the Design Museum of Barcelona and “Björk Digital” exhibited in the CCCB.

Brian Eno, creative avant-garde spirit

Defining Brian Eno in a single word is impossible, since during his active years he has excelled in multiple facets, as a composer, singer, producer, painter, sculptor and software designer.

Perhaps the most correct way to define him would be as an innovative thinker and creator. One of his best-known pieces of music is the boot sound of the Windows 95 operating system.

Between 1971 and 1973, he was part of the British band Roxy Music, where he played the synthesizer. An instrument that very few played in those days, although his time with this band was short, Eno did not leave of side his interest by music and continued to pursue a successful solo career, that would take him to create what we know today by ambient music.

Lightforms/Soundforms at the Arts Santa Mònica center

Curated by Lluís Nacenta, this exhibition will be, until 1st October, in
levels 1 and 2 of the Max Cahner Cloister of Arts Santa Mònica Center, located at number 7 of La Rambla.

In it, visitors can enjoy the most complete sample of the artist’s work, with pieces such as “New Space Music”, created to see and hear specifically in the cloister.

Occupying the second floor of the center will be its most iconic installation called “77 Million Painting”. A great audiovisual installation, in which the images and sounds evolve indefinitely, creating many combinations of shapes, colors and sounds.

For one of these almost infinite combinations to repeat, we would have to wait millions of years. But Eno’s work will not only be appreciated at the ASM center, but it will also be possible to listen to his most recent album entitled “Reflection” in the baggage claim area of Terminal 1 of the Prat Airport.

From our hotel in Paseo de Gracia, we invite you to enjoy all the creativity that this original exhibition offers. If after a morning between the artistic expressions of this artist you feel like graving a bite of different fresh starters from the orchard, the sea, and rice in a new concept of chiringuito, we invite you to visit the restaurant Pez Vela.

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