This September, choose Roca Bar for luxurious lunchtimes at a great price!


Back to school, to work, to double espressos on Mondays and… to Roca Bar’s lunch menus! We actually like September. It is a month of welcome back smiles, of recharged batteries and of a lot of excitement about starting a new season together. After the August break we regain our lunchtime specials at the Roca Bar, our informal restaurant supervised by the Roca brothers. Every lunchtime from Monday to Friday, come and enjoy a luxurious menu at a great price in our five star hotel in Barcelona!

This month’s menu combines the best of traditional Spanish bars with the creative and fun side of haute cuisine. From sautéed seasonal mushrooms to an avocado vichyssoise with tomato and basil, or from an eggplant “a la llauna” with soy sauce and miso to a spinach and fig salad with quince vinaigrette. And second courses are just as tempting, tasty and unique.

Beetroot risotto with mini vegetables or fried suckling pig leg with pumpkin parmentier? Grilled hake with green beans and citronella liqueur or stuffed quail? All of this, a first and a second course, for the irresistible price of 19€. And for the sweetest, 22€ plus dessert. During this month, the choice is between “recuit de drap” (yes, that amazing typical dessert from Catalonia that’s so difficult to find) with port ice cream and walnuts, créme brûlée with red berries or ice cream of the day.

So… Let’s go to the Bar for lunch? But not to any other bar, to Hotel Omm’s, that one which offers tapas, dishes, salads and sandwiches with the unmistakable touch of the Roca brothers.  The same one that makes those delicious menus for lunchtime. The informal, amusing and economical proposal of the Celler de Can Roca chefs at the lobby of the Omm. Yes, let’s meet at the Roca Bar!