Madonna chooses Barcelona in her Rebel Heart Tour

Hotel Omm

Dazzling, authentic, eccentric, loved and hated by the multitudes that she never leaves cold.  Madonna has become an established icon in the world of music. We all know some of her songs and if not, we have certainly finished humming a chorus of without realizing it.

Madonna songs have touched parents and children who have danced through different generations under the same melodies. ‘Like A Virgin’ is one of her more recognized hymns and nowadays Madonna’s music still surprises those young people that gradually will grow older and those older people who have not forgotten how young they were.

From Hotel Omm, we want you not to leave this rebellious soul at home and take advantage of the unique opportunity that Barcelona has to offer. The Palau Sant Jordi becomes the perfect stage for a landmark occasion that will not be easily forgotten. Do not lose the young man still awake within you and go out and dance andsing as tomorrow never comes with music that has never stopped ringing. Madonna will transport you to an atmosphere where the show is guaranteed.

Such is the frenzythat the audience feel towards the singer that Barcelona has surrendered at his feet selling out in less than the blink of an eye. For this reason, and for the welcome that the city has given to the artist, Madonna repeats so you do not run out of this experience. November is your month: November 24 and 25 Madonna chooses Barcelona to soak you up with music and show. The rebellious soul promises not leave anyone unsatisfied.

Madonna comes to Barcelona to show you that the blonde ambition remains gold, so the nights of 24 and 25 November, the sky of Barcelona will glow with a golden light. You cannot miss this show of lights and colours, music and rebellion, art and passion.

Hotel Omm ha something to suggest to you: If you are in Barcelona on the dates indicated, the Palau Sant Jordi will be the ultimate destination for an exclusive occasion.