“Making Africa” Exhibition

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

New creators

“Making Africa” ​​offers the various projects and initiatives of African artists and designers with the intention to provide a new global perspective on the continent, breaking away with several conventions established in terms of photography, architecture, design, filming, among others. Its intention is to give a radical and global new interpretation in order to reach other cultures and more developed societies.

Presentation of different artistic disciplines.

Apart from presenting the different projects and initiatives “Making Africa”, we can also find the jobs that belong to different creative fields, such as design, illustration, fashion and art and urbanism graphic arts as well as film, photography and everything related issues digital and / or analogy. We should also mention that this exhibition features the works of African artists like Cyrus Kabiru, Mario Macilau, and architects like Francis Keres, Adjaye and Kunle Adeyemio Davis, among others.

The creation of “Making Africa”.

Characterized by their own development, this exhibition features several interviews and research groups from different cities of Africa, which were carried out previously for this event. It is worth mentioning also that “Making Africa” ​​is a coproduction carried out by different museums, including the Vitra Design Museum and the Guggenheim Bilbao, with the collaboration of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes and Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne. Do not forget this very interesting event offered by the Hotel Omm, your luxury hotel in Barcelona, ​​an event that takes place at the CCCB from 23 March to 28 August 2016, from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 12 ’00 hours in the same exhibition hall room. We assure you that your perspective and interest to this culture change.