Mario Eskenazi in “Això és una paret pública”, by Marc Martí


Mario Eskenazi, one of the main references of the graphic arts and Spanish design, has participated in the exhibit called “Això és una paret pública” curated by Marc Martí and David Torrents at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. With the objective of vindicate and reflect about the use of traditional advertising columns of Barcelona that have been disappearing over the time. This exposition has exhibited some of the works of the designer of the Hotel Omm and Grupo Tragaluz, among other artists.

The “pirulís” of Barcelona’s public roads


Popularly known as “pirulís”, these advertising columns have been on the streets of Barcelona since the late nineteenth century, and never belonged exclusively to any private company. Of public use to place all kinds of advertising posters, this columns acted like a space of popular expression for citizens for a long time, regardless of this, nowadays we see them disappear.

In this sense, the curators wanted to remember in “Això es una paret pública” the importance of these urban spaces reserved for free public expression by inviting renowned designers such as Andreu Balius, Raúl Goñi, David Ricart, David Torrent, Jacqueline Molnár…

And, of course, Mario Eskenazi, who among his many recognized and admired works is the graphic identity of our house. Yes, both the Omm Hotel and the Grupo Tragaluz.


Mario Eskenazi: el diseñador del Hotel Omm


Mario Eskenazi, graduated architect, is one of those designers of bedside with which we stumble in our day to day almost without realizing it. His signature is recognizable, for example, in brands such as Evax or Banco Sabadell and even in Barcelona’s public transport system. Because yes, Mario has also been a designer committed to this city, getting involved in various projects to define his image and identity.

And he is, precisely, the mind behind the image of the Hotel Omm and the Grupo Tragaluz. Design is a fundamental part of our hotel and philosophy because it transmits, creates emotions and defines our spaces. The Hotel Omm as a brand, Roca Bar, Roca Moo, Spaciomm and all the signage of our hotel have emerged from his study.

The last example of his work for us? Neither more nor less than the poster of the A 4 hands Roca Moo – Mugaritz that will take place in our gastronomic restaurant next Thursday November 23. Elegant and minimalist, with a strong personality and inimitable creativity, Mario Eskenazi and his team have been working with us for years. Betting on the original, the avant-garde and the breakthrough is a job that seemed tailor-made for him and so, year after year, we follow anecdotes to our history together.

We invite you to come to our hotel with spa in Barcelona whenever you want and to know you also through our design!