Max. Oh Panòptica Ficció!


Max. Oh Panòptica Ficció! is a career retrospective of Max. It show artist’s obsessions, its cultural models and thinks about comic art nowadays. This exhibition shows Max’s work and allows to explain it in this social and cultural context, in both an economic and value crisis.

Francesc Capdevila, Max, begun his career in Barcelona’s underground in the 70’s. In 1979 he was part of the driving forces behind the iconic magazine El Vibora, where he was of the main drawers. From this period are two of his most popular characters, Gustavo and Peter Pank. As a consolidated artist, he has published many books, he has illustrated every kind of artist works and he has collaborated with such important media as El País.

This exhibition is an updating of Max, Panóptica 1973-2011, which toured in 2011 and 2012 Valencia, Madrid, Mexico and Brasil. Max’s style is present in the whole exhibition, a style coming from the personal world’s view of the artist. Since the beginnings of his career, he has reflected universal topics, with his own sense of humour and self-reflexion.

From our Paseo de Gracia hotel, we recommend you to visit the retrospective of this unique artist. Don’t miss it, come before the 13th of April to Arts Santa Mònica, in Barcelona centre.