The mechanical art, Andy Warhol’s exhibition at CaixaForum


Caixaforum Barcelona presents to the public until next December 31 a unique and very complete sample of the works of the Pop artist par excellence, Andy Warhol. An interesting way to see how the artist managed to include in his art the technical and industrial advances of the time, in one of the busiest art spaces of the city that it’s also easy to reach from the Hotel Omm by public transport, taking the metro L3 at the Diagonal stop, just in front of the hotel.

Warhol, a visionary artist

This exhibition, which comes as a result of the joint work of Caixaforum Barcelona, the Picasso Museum Malaga and the Andy Warhol Museum of Pittsburgh, presents a total of 352 pieces including paintings, posters, magazines, sketches, photographic material and personal objects of the artist.

Among these pieces, visitors will have the pleasure of observing many of Warhol’s most recognized works, such as the Campbell’s soup can or the portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor.

The mechanic and industrialization in his art

Warhol’s relationship with the mechanics of those times reflected in his art. He liked to be aware of the technical and industrial advances of the time and, as a visionary man, he included in his works all kinds of techniques and machines, from serigraphy to video recorder.

The exhibition that presented at Caixaforum in Barcelona is intended to inform younger generations of the work of this artist so associated with pop culture, which undoubtedly marked a before and after in America’s culture and art with repercussions beyond its borders.

From our 5 star design hotel located in the city center we invite you to visit the exhibition “Warhol. The mechanical art “from Monday to Sunday in the Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia 6-8 until the 31st of December, to know in first person the works of one of the greatest representatives of modern art.

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