Ming Dynasty


Sometimes when on vacations, even though we like to rest as much as we can, we also like to take a moment to feed our cultural self. Barcelona is a city filled with museums, artistic and historical exhibition which satisfies the cultural needs even of the most demanding people. Today we propose to you one the fantastic and always interesting exhibitions of Caixaforum. ¿What do you know about the history of the once ruler dynasties in China? Caixaforum is offering a new perspective about the Ming dynasty that will for sure blow your mind.

After the fall of the Mongolian empire ruled by Yuang dynasty, it was time for the Ming dynasty took charge of Chinese empire. The times of their government are remember by historians as “one of the biggest times of discipline and social stability in the history of humanity”. During their time of glory the re-take charge of the Great Wall of China’s construction, but the Mings did it their way and they modernized the construction’s settings by using brick instead of land soil. Born into a popular rebellion this dynastic period of the Ming family founded a firm and stable socioeconomic system, which was joint with the birth of different arts like architecture, sculpture, painting and calligraphy.

This exhibition is ideal to enjoy with family and friends, especially for those who feel curious for Asian culture. Whether you are curious or not about Chinese culture, you cannot miss this exhibition at Caixaforum, where there is always something new to be discover. You can visit it every day from 10hr until 20hrs

From our 5 stars hotel in Barcelona we recommend you to take the chance to enjoy this and others art exhibition of interest, so that you can make your trip to Barcelona not only a fun but also cultural time.