Miró and object, temporary exhibition

Hotel Omm

Joan Miró, from painting to the ‘anti painting’

Joan Miró, the artist, is inspired by the landscapes that surround him in the majority of his artistic production. Thus, the spectator is a witness of the predominance of nature and the attachment to the land in his works. Mont-roig, along with Paris, Mallorca and New York became the source that gave free rein to the imagination of the painter.

However, each city evoke different feelings. In Mont-roig portrays tranquility and stillness that contrasts with the agitation of the artistic and intellectual movement in Paris around 1920. Other movements such as Expressionism and abstract art are discovered before him in New York. Mallorca, however, speaks of the alienation from society to lock himself into work, his objects and the frenetic activity of his mind.

In his early works, it can be clearly visualized the latent academicism. Yet his artistic production is determined by an awareness of the worldly, political and social aspects. It is this change in his understanding of art where we find Miró with a rebellious and innovative soul. Beyond the established techniques, in the words of Miró himself, his career is headed to “assassinate painting.”

Miró and object

Joan Miró Foundation decided to focus on the positioning of his career to the anti-paint. So he gradually moved away from the pictorial conception attached to a canvas and an easel. Little by little, his works became an incorporation of common objects and others less recognized in collages and ‘assemblage’ breaking with the classic look of painting. The evolution leads to the creation of sculptures, whose center is the object. This personal language created great influence on the conception of art of the twentieth century.

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