Miró Route


Barcelona is full of Miró’s colours, red, yellow, blue, green and black, colours that are repeated in his artwork and streets of the capital, as the city has been the artist’s canvas many a time. That’s why from Hotel Omm we recommend you to enjoy a walk around his artwork, the Mirórute, that joins his most fascinating masterpieces:

Joan Miró Park

We started from this park, known also as “Park de l’Escorxador”, but you can follow the route however, you prefer. This park is well known as the City’s lungs, full of possibilities and activities for the habitants and visitor of the city may enjoy and relax. Situated in the Southeast corner of the neighbourhood, it is an ideal appetizer before entering Plaza Espanya.

Next to CalleTaragona, an artificial water canal nourishes this side of the park. It’s also the place where you can find a monumental sculpture of Joan Miró, “Dona iOcell”, 22 metres high, this is our second stop.

Dona iOcell

If you have a little bit of imagination, you won’t take long to see the feminine figure with a bird in this colourful shining sculpture. However, keep imagining, we’re sure you can see a million different other things, ¡power to imagination!

Joan Miró Foundation

If you still really want to know everything about this artist then we invite you to take a walk around the Joan Miró Foundation, an international referent in the artistic world, which offers a vast programme of contemporary art exhibitions to the passer-by. With more than 14.000 pieces, the collection allows a complete journey through Miró’s artistic career, and shows many of the diverse techniques he used throughout his career.

They say that Miró intentions was to welcome visitors who arrived in the city by land, sea or air, so from Hotel Omm we recommend you not to miss this route or to get lost in it, because getting lost is the best way to discover the treasures of Barcelona.