Moments on the Omm Terrace

Barcelona, Hotel Omm

The rooftop terrace of Hotel Omm is now a must-see of the best terraces in Barcelona. From seven in the evening and until one in the morning, everyone is invited to enjoy breath-taking views, a welcoming space, a relaxed environment and the finest food and live music. The Omm Terrace takes you to the seventh heaven, whatever your moment:


Moment with friends, “Sex in the City”

If Carrie Bradshaw lived in Barcelona, she would undoubtedly choose the Omm Terrace as the place to have some fun with her best friends, with a Cosmopolitan in hand. There is no need to worry about impractical dresses; here we encourage a relaxed dress code, good vibes and a palate that can appreciate the array of carefully prepared cocktails on offer. Cocktails with champagne; classics including Aperol Spritz, Bloody Mary or Pisco Sour; a variety of mojitos including elderflower mojito or mocktails. ¿Shall we toast?

Hometown tourist moment

¿Would you like to see La Pedrera from a unique perspective? ¿To play spot the Sagrada Familia among the rooftops of Barcelona? The Omm Terrace offers you an impressive panoramic of the city that you must not miss. And if you bring your tourist friends who have come to visit, this is the perfect place.