MotoGP in Barcelona

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After Rome, Barcelona is the European city with a bigger quantity of motorcycle owners. There are around 300.000 motorcycles in the city that is relatively small for such a number. That might be the reason that the Catalonia Grand Prix of MotoGP is so popular and also it could explain why a big selection of competitors are Catalan.

The Circuit of Montmeló is about 12 miles distance (20Km) and is located at the Northeast of the city center. It has 18 screens situated around the circuit to assure everybody gets all the race details, and during the Grand Prix days there will be a great variety of bars and restaurants around to choose from.

Because the race is in June and the Spanish sun is rather potent that time of the year, the organization recommends the use of sunglasses, a hat and sun blocker. They also recommend using comfortable shoes and headphones or muffs to block the noise of the motorcycles, which can get really loud and annoying if you listen to it for a long time.

So if you are thinking of enjoying a day dedicated to sports, where kids and adults can have a great fun, don’t forget the essentials to make the most of your visit to the Montmeló circuit. Spacio Omm Spa Barcelona wishes all MotoGP lovers a great stay in Barcelona and an unforgettable experience enjoying this sport.