The film of the “4+2 Manos Mugaritz Roca Moo”

Hotel Omm

We are especially excited to present the documentary film we did in November of the 4+2 Mugaritz Roca Moo!

On the 23rd of that month, Rosa Esteva gave the kick-off celebration for the 15 anniversary of the Hotel Omm. Chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz and Rafa Panatieri from Roca Moo served for the occasion, together with Joan Roca, an exclusive 6 Michelin star tasting menu in our gastronomic restaurant. 50 lucky guests enjoyed the show, in all senses and for all senses, an unbelievable performance the benefits of the which went to the foundation Action Against Hunger.

And what a celebration it was! The first guests began to arrive around 8.30pm to share a welcome drink. The buzz and excitement among them was vibrant. Smiles, greetings and a toast to a unique evening while on the other side of the library, Roca Moo was more alive than ever. Soon, the tables were full and the first courses began to come out of the kitchen.

“For us, it has been an honour to bring a piece of Mugaritz to Barcelona to celebrate the 15th anniversary of an icon in the city, Hotel Omm, together with our friends from Roca Moo and the Roca brothers”, Aduriz said. “This has been an exceptional event and we hope that it remains forever in the memory of those who accompanied us.”

Both the Aduriz team and the Roca-Panatieri tandem prepared five courses each, followed by three desserts. A total of 13 creations that came to the table alternately with wine pairings from Guillermo Cruz, sommelier Mugaritz, Cecilia Guedes and Nerea Sorribes, sommeliers from Roca Moo, and Josep Roca, from El Celler de Can Roca. A festival of flavours and “an intense and exciting duel between the density and the fluids, between the food and the wine”, according to Josep. The guests were speechless, overwhelmed by a dinner that went beyond any expectations.

“16 years ago we met Rosa M.Esteva, for whom we feel a great admiration for her talent and her work creating restaurant concepts. In this sense, for us she has always been a role model”, said Joan. “When she asked us to run this project, she showed us what a great power of persuasion she has. We had not done it before outside our restaurant and nor have we done it later. It has been a beautiful journey during which we have both learned a lot.”

“It has been wonderful that Aduriz, whom I love and admire for years, has decided to participate in this celebration” the eldest of the Roca brothers added. And, with a smile, “Rafa is a wonderful chef who has been with us for a long time already and we absolutely trust him: he is our extent here.”

In Rafa’s words, “the menu we prepared included very different proposals, but that were also complimentary. Cooking next to Roca and Aduriz, two great chefs, has been a unique opportunity for me.” Moreover, “one of the things that I have most valued has been the family atmosphere in which we’ve worked, but also learned and enjoyed.”

Thank you very much to everyone who made such a great gastronomic evening possible! And, as Aduriz would say, let’s go after our 20 years! #6manosmugaritzrocamoo